Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spending Holidays With an Eating Disorder

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But, for those suffering from eating disorders, it can be the most challenging time of the year. Individuals suffering from binge eating, overeating, compulsive eating, and/or yo-yo dieting, can find the holidays a struggle.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the days and nights are filled with holiday treats, snacks, and meals that could feed an army. Faced with this great wave of temptations at a time when social gatherings are at their peak, some can be overcome with debilitating anxiety, stress and depression.

New Dawn Recovery is a behavioral health center based out of California. At New dawn's Eating Disorder Center of California, patients are taught life-changing skills and tools for confronting temptation and/or depression in situations of temptation.

For those that are still faced with overeating, and have been suffering for years from its physical and psychological repercussions, there is hope through affordable eating disorder treatment through New Dawn Recovery.

To find out if you have a problem with overeating, and to discuss options for treatment of this very real disease, visit:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Healing Through Drug Treatment

The effects and repurcussions from addiction spread from the addict themselves to the family and friends around them. Often the largest toll that drug use takes, is taken on the caring and worried family members who only want the best for the ones they love.

There is hope for addicts and the families of addicts through New Dawn Chemical Dependency Programs. The New Dawn programs are designed to treat not only the addicts themselves, who have suffered, but also the family who have suffered greatly as well.

For more information on New Dawn Recovery, the programs they offer, and their philosophy on treatment, call them at 916-784-1120 or visit them online at: 

New Dawn Recovery has 4 locations throughout California:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Healing Trauma and Addictions Through Christ

There are Christian programs of all types that not only spur spiritual awakening, but can also heal old wounds. These wounds can be anything from trauma to stress to even drug and alcohol addiction. When it comes to addiction, there are many Christian rehab programs that are gaining popularity in recent years.

From Christian alcohol rehab programs to drug treatments, these programs use passages and teachings from the bible as the basis for healing. With the loving word of Christ, and support from fellow Christians in treatment, bonds are formed that fill the spiritual, mental, and physical voids left by drug and alcohol abuse.

Utilizing the same values and strategies as traditional treatment programs, these Christian based drug rehab programs build upon proven treatment ethics and provide a loving environment that is conducive to healing.

What A Wonderful Time Of Year

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Positive Tomorrow Through Cosmetic Surgery

It might sound strange that electing to have cosmetic surgery can promote positivity, but it is quite true.

Rocklin Cosmetic Surgery performs numerous procedures including breast augmentation, cellulite treatments, and laser liposuction in Sacramento, California. Rocklin can attest to the physical and mental benefits that cosmetic surgery can offer, as they see these benefits every day.

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to sculpt a more visually appealing body, but the benefits to an individual's self image is often the lasting change that is made. The initial results of cosmetic surgery can give the patient a renewed sense of self worth and confidence. Powered by this initial feeling, many patients strive to keep their newly found happiness by adopting a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Many times you will here the pessimistic opinion that cosmetic surgery is "lazy," or "a quick fix to avoid exercise." This could not be further from the truth. In fact, is some instances the cosmetic surgery is the one thing that helps overweight individuals feel a sense of hope and a true "want" to change their lifestyle.

For more on how cosmetic surgery can alter your life for the better, visit Rocklin's official website at:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A New Day, Through Addiction Treatment

Creating a positive tomorrow can sometimes be difficult. It can be even more difficult if drugs and/or alcohol is holding back your positive tomorrow and trapping you in a negative today.

But there is hope...

Above It All Treatment, a drug rehab center in California, is famous for its positive view and unmatched success rates in providing recovery options for those struggling with chemical dependency and addiction. The facility itself is located high in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles, near Lake Arrowhead, is surrounded by lush forest, breathtaking views, and serene settings. The beautiful location is essential to the healing processes, as recovering addicts are placed in a setting that is calm and peaceful, and conducive to healing.

Employing the 12 step recovery program approach, Above It All has a new and innovative approach to rehabilitation that follows the 12 steps and also treats all underlying causes or enabling factors involved in addiction.

To learn more about the Above It All facility, or obtain more information about the various programs, visit them at:

Your Positive Tomorrow